Do you travel outside of the Chicago area?
Yes, but only up to 100 miles from the Chicago area unless accommodations for travel and housing are taken care of.  
Please note that we base our rates off of the distance traveled.  

Can we send a list of preferred songs before the event?
Yes! Preferably a few months before your event. 

Can the band learn a specific song for my event?
We like to remind all of our clients that although we do have some english songs in our repertoire,
we are a traditional mariachi band.  If the song you are requesting is not part of our repertoire, 
there will be an additional charge upon approval by the musical director. 

How soon prior to my event will the band arrive?
We like to arrive 15 minutes before our start time.

Does the band come with a sound system? 
No.  If you would like our instruments and singers to be amplified, you will need to provide our band with a sound system.  
Talk to your DJ about providing a microphone for our singers as some DJ's don't automatically provide one.  

Can I or one of my guests sing a song with the band?
Yes, of course! We encourage your guests to get involved unless told otherwise. 

Can the band play outdoors?
Yes. However, we do not perform under rain, snow, or any other extreme weather
conditions, as it is harmful to our instruments and group members. 

Where can we see the band perform live?
We are currently only performing for private events. Keep yourself updated with our social media pages for announcements of public performances.

How far in advance should we book the band?
First come, first serve. If you are very interested in hiring the band, we encourage you to book 

Can I hire the band for only one or two songs?
You can, but unfortunately the rate will be the same as the minimum duration of time required. 

Can I hire a smaller version of the band for my event?
Usually, we can only accommodate a smaller piece band Monday-Thursday. 

Do you require a deposit for the booking?
Yes we do. We require 25% of the total cost.